Probation Revocation Attorney in Wisconsin

If you are currently on probation, a probation revocation can be even more serious than a normal criminal case. Your probation either will or will not be revoked. There is no third option. If your probation is revoked, you will be returned to Court for sentencing. Hiring an attorney experienced in handling revocations is vital to present your side of the story in the best manner possible, whether that is to your probation agent, to an administrative law judge, or to a sentencing judge.
Your probation agent maintains an extraordinary level of discretion of your life while under his or her supervision. You can be placed in custody (on a hold) if your agent merely suspects any violation of any probationary rule. Once placed in custody, your agent can wait for several days before ever making contact with you. Hiring an experienced attorney can provide an immediate line of communication between you and your agent that would not otherwise exist.
Additionally, whenever your agent does make contact with you, you will be required to give provide a statement. Remaining silent is not an option for a person under supervision. Speaking with an attorney before making that statement can be vitally important.
A revocation hearing is not much different than a criminal trial. Providing a smart, aggressive defense means preparing as if the matter will proceed to a revocation hearing. Probation agents are often times more likely to negotiate an Alternative to Revocation if they know that the revocation will otherwise be vigorously defended.
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